Between Greg and Ron, they bring a combined 70 years of experience in repairing golf clubs. Greg started re-gripping and re-shafting clubs for the membership at San Luis Rey Downs Golf Resort in the 1985. He expanded his craft in later years when he worked alongside James Love, a respected North County club repairman. Ron started working on his own clubs at age 16 when his father refused to pay for any more shafts broken in anger. In the early 1970’s he apprenticed with Steve Shaw a well known club maker in the Los Angeles area. Then in the late 1970’s as a PGA Apprentice he was certified in club repair at the PGA club repair school under the direction of Irv Schloss, the innovative Florida PGA pro and club maker.

We offer the following club repair services on woods, irons, wedges and putters:

  • Re-shafting

  • Re-gripping

  • Re-weighting

  • Bending Lofts & Lies

  • Installation of manufacturers adjustable tips

  • Lengthening or shortening

  • Individual club assembly