At the Carlsbad Golf Studio, we offer three distinct routes to Custom Clubs. All three start with a Club Fitting by PGA professional Greg Milligan. All shafts, grips, heads and materials are sourced from our friends at BG Golf, Golf Shafts America, GSA, Tom Wishon and The Golfworks.

Major Manufacturers

Your Custom Fit clubs will be built by Callaway, Mizuno, Taylormade or Titleist according to the specifications determined by your club fitting session. These manufacturers can be fit for head style, length, shaft, shaft flex, grip style and grip size. After your clubs are built by the manufacturer, we will alter the lofts and lies according to your specific requirements.

Single Length

I had played 3 different sets of Cobra One Length irons before settling on the Sterling Single Length irons designed by Tom Wishon. I can custom build these irons for any customer that is fit by Greg. They will be built for your specific length, shaft, shaft flex, shaft weight, shaft bend profile, grip size and style, and balanced to either swingweight or moment of inertia.

JDM Forgings

JDM refers to Japanese Domestic Market and a small group of companies in this market that are widely known in the golf industry as making the finest forgings in the world. We have settled on 3 heads from Fujimoto Golf that offer unparalleled beauty, feel and balance in a high end forged iron. These are not only for better players, the Pure cavity back is suitable for players up to a 10 handicap.

Long & Arm-lock Putters

Greg is an expert in the fitting, building and balancing of the non-anchored long putter and the Arm-lock putter. An avid user of this technology himself, he understands what needs to be done from a players perspective as well as a builders. Bring him your existing putter or head or he can build you one from scratch.