EDUCATED PRACTICE is a proven fast track to progress in developing a more powerful, repeatable and consistent golf swing. Using swing and ball specific information taken from your practice session with the Trackman Launch Monitor you will learn how and what to change in your swing motion. Educated practice is effectively a form of feedback training where through the PURE date generated, you learn faster and institute change more completely simply by changing the “numbers”. You will learn how to:

  • Hit the ball solidly

  • Generate more swing speed

  • Improve the swing path

  • Swing down the target line

Educated Practice vs Driving Range

A trip to the driving range and the resulting “beating of balls” has long been the accepted form of practice to improve the golf swing. The problem with this is that practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. And it is nearly impossible to practice perfectly simply based on swinging the club at the driving range and interpreting the feel and resulting ball flight. I know this from personal experience since for the majority of my career I taught the golf swing based upon what I could visually determine from watching my students ball flight and their input on what they felt.

Fast forward to 2006 and the advent of Trackman on the PGA Tour and the subsequent adoption by golf centers and PGA pros throughout the world. My job as a teaching professional has changed dramatically since I started using the Trackman. Why? Because it gives me PURE data that I can use to effectively create immediate changes in my students swings. No more guessing.

And once you as the student learn what the “numbers” mean and how to change them, then your practice becomes far closer to Perfect Practice. Using the PURE data generated by the Trackman Launch Monitor and the preparatory instruction that you receive from Greg, your practice sessions will yield faster and stronger results.